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Kelby’s Café is not just a café; it’s our craft. We built this from the ground up. Everything you see and taste has been carefully selected and infused with love. And that’s how we gained a trusted space in the hearts of our customers and food lovers.

We opened as an inclusive space for the community to come together for an unforgettably pleasant dining experience.



Having two restaurants owned by my father led me to be his helping hand since five and influenced my passion in the field.

I, Moe Issa, graduated with a Master’s degree in food science and nutrition but decided that I didn’t want to work in an office or a lab. I found myself more drawn towards cooking that paved the path for further training for a qualified chef.

During all this time, I was also working front of house as a barista that made me realise that I truly enjoyed interacting with people as much as I loved cooking. It allowed me not to be completely hidden in my little corner and engage with customers.

Kelby’s Café.

2010 was the start of a brilliant journey! I joined Kelby’s and invested all my time and energy into the cafe like it was my own. I started to learn about my customers – their names, coffee orders, and much more – and loved every minute of it. Soon after, the owner of Kelby’s was ready to move on, and I was exhilarated to take on the challenge.

Together with my wife Kylie, we put everything into motion about Kelby’s linchpin and its persona – beginning with the design to the renovations, the new menu, food presentation and the coffee blends. And what came next? The unique Kelby’s, piece by piece, becoming the warm, welcoming place it is today!

Kelby’s Café, Marrickville creative energy integrated with dedication is what serves to be our driving force. We respect our local community and their love for an ever-evolving, unique menu and strive to maintain that with everything we create – from coffees to breakfasts to brunches, lunches, smoothies and fresh juices.