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All day breakfast


egyptian breakfast

sourdough, wild rocket, oven roasted sweet potatos, hummus, crumbled danish fetta, poached eggs and kelby’s signature dukkah

eggs benedict

poached eggs served on croissant, topped with wilted spinach & homemade hollandaise sauce with a choice of

bacon / ham or asparagus 16.90

smoked salmon 17.90

warm french toast

served with ricotta and maple syrup

with bacon and caramelised banana 15.90

with house mixed berry compote 14.90

braht bruschetta

sourdough, wild rocket, bacon, grilled halloumi, diced tomatoes, avocado, shallots and a drizzle of italian balsamic glaze 16.90

kelby’s big breakfast

eggs, sautéed mushrooms, oven roasted tomato, bacon, chorizo, house harissa baked beans and sourdough 19.90

kelby’s vegetarian breakfast

eggs, sautéed mushrooms, oven roasted tomato, danish fetta cheese, avocado, house harissa baked beans and sourdough 17.90


danish fetta and baby spinach scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, caramelised leek, roasted tomato and basil on sourdough 16.90

kelby’s hash

baked chat potatoes, grilled halloumi, sujuk (turkish beef sausage), baby spinach, caramelised leek all tossed in a pan and topped with two poached eggs, kelby’s hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs
with a side of sourdough

lebanese brekkie

scrambled eggs, leb sausages, fresh tomatos, zaatar, labneh and warm zaatar lebanese bread 17.90

build your own fluffy omelette

with your choice of three fillingss;
bacon, chorizo, ham, smoked salmon, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, asparagus, spanish onion, fresh tomatos, grilled tomato, avocado, danish fetta, grilled halloumi, cheddar cheese, ricotta, baby inach, roasted sweet potato

extra filling1.50

Fresh Start

warm oats porridge

a great start to the day, served with our mixed berry

compote and honey 8.90

soy or almond milk 9.90

avocado bruschetta

avocado with wild rocket, house capsicum relish, crumbled danish fetta, on sourdough with a wedge of lemon and fresh edible herbs 11.90

tomato bruschetta

wild rocket, fresh tomatos, spanish onion and basil dressed with balsamic vinaigrette & topped with grilled halloumi and a wedge of lemon on oregano and garlic sourdough 12.90

smashed grub

poached eggs, smashed avocado, crumbled danish fetta, chives, cracked pepper and a wedge of lemon on sourdough 13.90


seasonal fruits, yogurt, honey and kelby’s muesli 11.90

build your own plate

all served with your choice of bread:
white toscano, soy & linseed sourdough, rye sourdough, baby rurkish
* gluten free extra

  • with free range eggs (fried / poached / scramled) 9.90
  • with garlic mushrooms 8.90
  • with harissa homemade baked beans 8.90

want to add some extra?

  • capsicum relish/hollandaise sauce 1.50
  • eggs / oven roasted tomato/avocado/wilted spinach/house harissa
    baked beans/danish fetta cheese/ricotta cheese/ham 3.50
  • grilled halloumi/bacon /asparagus/garlic mushroom 4
  • smoked salmon/chorizo 4.90

Bread and Spreads

white toscano, soy linseed & quinoa sourdough,
rye sourdough, baby turkish roll, thick cut raisin loaf or
* gluten free extra $1 /croissant extra 60c

choice of : vegemite/peanut butter/ honey/marmalade 4.90

kelby’s mix berry compote 5.50

Small Bites

banana bread


bacon & egg roll

on baby turkish with caramelised onion and small side salad (bbq, tomato, chilli, sweet chilli, hp, aioli) 7.50

extra sauce .25c

poached egg croissant

with one poached egg, sautéed baby spinach, small side salad and fresh herbs 8.50


all served with a small side saladwith ham and cheddar cheese 6.90

with fresh tomato and cheddar cheese 6.90

with ham, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato 7.90

on croissant       extra .60


beets n’ bits

wild rocket, oven roasted sweet potato, shallots, baby beetroots, warm walnuts, danish fetta and grilled chicken breast all dressed in honey and balsamic dressing 17.50

danish fetta salad

danish fetta, fire roasted capsicum, cashews, spanish onion, avocado, grilled chicken breast and mixed garden leaves drizzled with a balsamic vinegarette 17.50

cajun salad

grilled chicken breast marinated in cajun spice, tomato, cucumber, spanish onion, avocado and mix garden leaves with olive oil and lemon juice dressing 17.50

Burgers and Wraps

klassic beef burger

homemade premium beef pattie with cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, caramalised onion, lettuce and aioli on milk brioche bun 13.90

hawaiian style -with bacon, egg and pineapple 15.90

grilled chicken breast sandwich

with fresh tomato, mix garden leaves, avocado, homemade capsicum relish and aioli on toasted turkish

with bacon 15.90

klassic blt

bacon, mixed garden leaves and fresh tomato topped with aioli on toasted turkish 10.90

kelby’s veggie burger

homemade veggie pattie with fresh tomato, homemade hommous, mixed garden leaves, with aioli served on the side on toasted turkish 14.90

steak sandwich

steak fillet, mix garden leaves, fresh tomato, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, dijon mustard & smokey bbq sauce on toasted turkish 15.90

salmon sandwich

smoked salmon, avocado, mixed garden leaves, red radish, dill and a side of aioli 15.90

kelby’s lunch wrap

scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, baby spinach button mushroom and your choice of chorizo or bacon (bbq,aioli, sweet chilli, chilli sauce, hp, tabasco, tomato) 15.90

extra sauce .25c

seasonal veggie wrap

homemade veggie pattie, danish fetta, fresh tomato and mixed garden leaves dressed in our homemade red capsicum relish 13.90

Hot Brew


latte, flat white, cappuccino, long black Reg3.80

(double shot) Lrg4.20

(weak one shot) Lrg4.00

piccolo, espresso, machiato 3.50
single origin *ask us what’s brewing now* 30c

hot chocolate/ mocha Reg3.80


babycino 1.00

*50c for each added item (soy milk, honey, decaf, almond milk, extra coffee shot, extra chocolate shot, syrups; caramel, vanilla, hazelnut)


english breakfast, irish, earl gray, green tea,
lemongrass and ginger, peppermint or
jasmine green tea

*one side is free, second edition 50c
chai tea pot 4.50
chai latte Reg $4.00
Lrg $4.50


freshly squeezed juice
regular $5   large $7

fruit * suggested mixes

  • orange, carrot, celery, ginger
  • orange, apple, mint, pineapple
  • carrot, celery, orange, pineapple
  • watermelon, apple, lemon, mint

green juice * suggested mixes

  • carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger
  • apple, kale, celery, beetroot, carrot
  • spinach, apple, kale, celery, lemon
  • celery, apple, spinach, ginger, carrot

mixed berry/ banana or strawberry

flavours available
milk, yoghurt, ice-cream & honey

regular $4   large $6

chocolate/strawberry/vanilla/ caramel/banana

regular $5 large $7

ice coffee/ice chocolate/ice mocha

* all served with ice cream



smoothies, milkshakes & iced drinks + soy / almond milk extra $1

coffee frappe
double espresso blended with milk, crushed ice and your choice of syrup; vanilla, caramel, hazelnut

berry bliss frappe
fresh apple juice blended with mixed berries and crushed ice

mojo mint
fresh apple and pineapple juice blended with mint and crushed ice


sparkling water 3.00

still water 2.50

soft drinks (330ml bottles) 4

Kelby’s strives to bring you the freshest local produce and seasonal flavours. We aim to please, so feel free to talk to one of our friendly team members if one of your favourites is not on the menu.

We also provide catering tailored to your needs – Just ask us!