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We are passionate about coffee. From understanding the beans and blends, where our coffee is sourced, taste profiles, through grinding and extraction, every single step in the process is followed with the closest attention to detail by our highly trained baristas to produce the perfect cup of coffee every time – however, you take it.




I was born into the hospitality business. My dad owned two restaurants and I started helping out at the age of five. After graduating with a degree in food science and nutrition, I decided I didn’t want to work in an office or a lab, and so undertook further training to become a qualified chef.

During this time, I was also working front of house, and soon realised I enjoyed interacting with people as much as I enjoyed cooking, and didn’t want to be hidden in the kitchen, away from customers.

Kelby’s is truly unique. Our passion, combined with our experience, our knowledge, and our personalised customer service have made us what we are today.

After joining Kelby’s in 2010, I put all my time and energy into the cafe as if it was my own. I started to get to know my customers – their names, their coffee orders, and much more – and loved every minute. When the owner of Kelby’s was ready to move on, I was thrilled to take on the challenge and become my own boss.

It was like a dream come true being able to put into motion everything I’d been envisioning for years – the design, the renovations, the new menu, food presentation, the coffee blends, the coffee cups with custom art (and my face on them, ha ha!). The Kelby’s of my dreams came together piece by piece to become the warm, welcoming place it is today.

It’s not just a cafe, it’s my craft. I built this from the ground up; everything you see and taste has been selected carefully and with love.


At Kelby’s, we know that our customers are everything. We want to give you a special experience every time you walk through the door, whether it’s to grab a quick coffee on the run or to sit down to a long leisurely brunch with friends. Our famously friendly staff will serve you with a warm smile, which is what keeps people coming back to Kelby’s.



We pride ourselves on sourcing our meat from local butchers right here in Marrickville, and we only use free range eggs. We locally source as much of our produce and ingredients as possible and invest back in local farmers and the community.


Kelby’s was created to make you feel like you’re coming home.

By combining fresh ingredients and inspiration from Moe’s own background, we’ve created a totally unique menu, including our addictive Kelby’s Hash, and our famous Lebanese and Egyptian Brekkies with flavours from Moe’s childhood.